Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Getting Started With jBPM 4.0

A lot of getting started materials are already available. The release of jBPM 4 has not gone unnoticed.

Joram Barrez whats-new-series
jBPM4 Hello World
jBPM4: What’s new?
jBPM4: What’s new (part 2)?
jBPM4: What’s new (part 3)?

Joram also spotted and collected the following blog links. Thanks, Joram!

Jeff Yu published a great jBPM 4 intro in 3 parts:
Getting Started with jBPM 4.0 - (Part I )
Getting Started with jBPM 4.0 (Part II)
Getting Started with jBPM 4.0 (Part III)

Bernd Ruecker published a jBPM 4 showcase:
Ein kleiner jBPM 4 Showcase (In German)
English translation

Andries Inze published a demo on the Spring integration:
Spring jBPM4 CR1 Demo

Friday, 10 July 2009

jBPM 4.0 Is Out !

jBPM 4 is ready. Now is an ideal time to try it out and increase your skills cause your boss is on holiday anyways. This is the opportunity you've been waiting for! Grab it!


There is an extremely easy-to-set-up demo included. Step by step instructions to get started quickly.

jBPM 4 is a very important milestone for jBPM. We've put a lot of effort in lowering the treshold to get started and extending the scalability to the highest load scenarios.
  • Embeddablity in any Java environment remains as it was
  • Full continuous integration matrix in our own test labs
  • BPMN process graphics
  • Completely redesigned, clean and stable API, including an easy to use Query API.
  • Out-of-the box experience with a demo that is extremely easy to set up, showing the new designer, API usgae, console and example processes
  • Simplified and revised database schema
  • Automatic installation scripts
  • Performance improvements
  • Configuration on a more abstract level leaving less chances of getting it wrong.
  • Separation of runtime data and historical data
  • Native support for integrating with the Spring framework.
  • Improved documentation, including a separation between user guide for typical use cases and an developers guide tackling advanced topics.
  • And much much more