Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Jopr plugin for jBPM

Jopr is a management console for JBoss projects and other applications. It has a plugin architecture. Jim Ma now wrote a Jopr plugin for JBoss. Jim's blog post about the jBPM plugin includes screenshots and a simple step by step explanation, he also captured this video:

jopr jbpm plugin from JimMa on Vimeo.

Great work, Jim !

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Great Free BPMN Training Slides

Thanks to Ronald van Kuijk, I found Jim Arlow's presentation about BPMN.

125 readable slides that give good overview and even some deeper insights into BPMN.

JBossWorld Slides

I've posted the slides from my talk at JBossWorld.

Keep an eye on Joram Barrez' blog as he'll publish the very nice demo movies soon.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Upcoming Speaking Schedule

Last weeks JBossWorld was a blast. We presented the jBPM 4.1 release, which includes our web based modeller powered by Signavio. That was very well received and generated a lot of traction. And of cource, at conferences like that, it's always nice to meet the faces behind the internet names :-)

For those who have missed JBossWorld, here's our list of upcoming jBPM talks:

RivieraJUG in Nice (France) on October 2nd
"jBPM 4: What does it do and why do I need it?"

Java Developer Day in Cracow (Poland) on October 16th
Keynote: "Pimp up your domain model with jBPM"

Devoxx (Belgium)
University talk: "jBPM 4 in Action" on November 16th
Conference session: "jBPM 4 in Action" on November 18th

Don't miss these events if you're in the neighbourhood. If you know any other jBPM related talks, please add them as a comment.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

jBPM 4.1 Released

Just in time for JBossWorld, we released jBPM 4.1. We're very proud that our collaboration with Signavio and Oryx already lead to the first results.
The web based jPDL process designer is now part of our download. Certainly worth a try.

Other things that we added
  • End-to-end demo: JBPM-2480
  • Improved installer to handle tomcat and more configuration options : JBPM-2409
  • Extended coverage of Continuous Integration and reduced the execution time
  • Tomcat support in the console : JBPM-2353
  • Fix process variables of type hibernate-long-id/hibernate-string-id : JBPM-2474
  • Tomcat continious integration : JBPM-2409
  • Domain model integration : JBPM-2474
  • And a bunch of bug fixes
More details in our JIRA.

Download it from sourceforge and enjoy it.