Thursday, 2 December 2010

Activiti Devoxx Presentation

Just 2 weeks after devoxx, all the conference sessions are already online. Our session Activiti in Action is definitely worth the 79 EUR for the subscription. And then you get all the other sessions for free! The Activiti session includes a nice demo and shows that you can get up and running with Activiti in less then a minute.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Prepare For Impact: Activiti 5.0 GA Released

Today we are very proud to announce the first official release for General Availability (GA) of Activiti. In less then 9 months after we left the jBPM team, we've built a broad collaborating community and together we've build the next generation BPM Platform and an astonishing feature list.

There are a couple of crucial decisions Alfresco took when launching Activiti that made these spectacular results possible. First the combination of the liberal Apache license with
the new BPMN 2.0 standard rocks. 2 of the community companies are actually in the BPMN 2.0 specification: Alfresco and Camunda.

Timing of the standard and this new project has very good to us as well. Alfresco's gave us the opportunity as ex-jBPM founders to build Activiti as a separate brand and run it as an independent project. That really has been a boost to build this broad community quickly. Given that this strategy has played out even beyond our initial high expectations, we believe we're in for a profound impact on the BPM world.

Here's an overview of what's in this first final release:
Activiti Engine
  • Easy embeddable (just include the .jar)
  • Excellent Spring integration (contributed by SpringSource)
  • Support for all common BPMN 2.0 elements
  • Easy to link any type of Java to process steps
  • Event listeners
  • Transactional timers
  • Audit trails
  • Flexible transaction management
  • Extremely fast / minimal execution overhead
  • Full Query API
  • REST interface
Activiti Explorer
  • Easy task management
  • Starting new process instances
  • Claiming group tasks
  • Starting processes andcompleting tasks with or without forms
  • Easy deployment of forms with processes

Activiti Probe
  • Operational management console
  • Managing deployment
  • Business archive file upload
  • Managing jobs
  • View database table contents
Activiti Designer
  • Contributed by Tijs, Ron, Tiese and Yvo from Atos Origin
  • Eclipse plugin
  • New Activiti project and diagram wizzards
  • Graphical process modeling
  • Form support for Activiti extensions
  • Pluggable activity types! Fully documented!
  • Unit test generation
  • Validation with errors showing in Eclipse Problem view
Activiti Cycle
  • Contributed by Camunda
  • BPM collaboration done right
  • Spans business users, developers and system admins
  • Repos: Activiti Modeler, SVN, JIRA, File system
  • Linking of artifacts in repos
  • Pluggable actions depending on the artifact type
Activiti Modeler
  • Contributed by Signavio
  • Web based graphical BPMN 2.0 authoring
  • Saves models in a shared file based repository
  • Very intuitive to use!

Other integration contributions

We're also very excited about the Manning book for which the early access program will start real soon. Watch out for Activiti in Action by Tijs Rademakers en Ron van Liempd.

But all this just means that you can start using Activiti now and that we can get started on the 5.1 ;-)

What are you waiting for ?!