Monday, 19 July 2010

Grails Plugin For Activiti

One of my respected OSS father figures ones said "Open Source Software doesn't fall out of the sky" At the time, I believed it.

Since starting Activiti, I start to have my doubts. A lot of companies already joined with real contributions. And now I just came back from holiday and I find a Grails Plugin for Activiti being announced with very nice features. it fell out of the sky. Amazing ;-)

Welcome to the community, Chee!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Mulesoft Joins Activiti

Mulesoft joins the Activiti team. Their focus will be to make sure that Activiti integrates with Mulesoft and help building the BPMN web service orchestration capabilities.

This really puts another milestone in the life of Activiti. Historically, we (the ex jBPM team) have been focussed on BPM in a plain Java environment. We're thrilled to have these Mulesoft on board. Their experience in the field will ensure that Activiti has web service and ESB support that covers the real life use cases.

Esteban Robles Luna from Mulesoft will become an core Activiti developer. It was a pleasure meeting you last week, Esteban! Welcome to the team.

We now have a very broad set of expertises united in the Activiti project. Consolidation is really happening even faster then we expected. Exciting times!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Complementary Commitments

Last week we had the Activiti Community Kickoff Meeting. We revised the roadmap from now till November in the context of the new contributing companies. The spirit was great.

What struck me most was that the expertise that these companies bring forward is really complementary:
  • Alfresco: Core engine technology and BPMN
  • Mimacom: Core engine technology and task management
  • SpringSource: Making the designs DI friendly and general solid software design expertise
  • Camunda: BPMN and practical BPM collaboration
  • Next Level Integration: DB compatibility and high scalability
  • MuleSoft: Web services and ESB expertise
We've managed to distill concrete tasks for everyone within the domain of expertise and put this into a concrete planning. Not only did they bring their expertise and commitment, but also a solid dose of humor. That was a real good mix. It's a great environment to work. I'm happy and proud to be part of that group.