Wednesday, 19 March 2008

First Release Of The Process Virtual Machine

We've been talking about it for a long time. And we've been working on it for even much longer. And finally, the moment of truth is here. The first alpha release of the Process Virtual Machine can be downloaded. Documentation and Javadocs are also available.

The Process Virtual Machine now also got it's own home page.

This marks an important milestone for the jBPM project. It's the finalization of our approach to support multiple process languages and embeddable BPM.

But don't wait any longer. Go download it and start building your first processes and process activities.




    hhhhmmmm..... ;-)

  2. ofcourse the second link should have been the text from the page:

    There are no PVM downloads yet. But there will be soon! Stay tuned. :-)

  3. Thanks, Ronald. We'll get it fixed asap.

  4. Great!

    So I was looking at stripping jBPM down to minimal dependencies, no persistence etc. just to get the process management for a workflow. So, any differences between minimal jBPM and using PVM?

  5. Juha,

    Yes, there are diffs. PVM only requires a JVM 5. No external dependencies.

    But... it doesn't contain a process language like jPDL. So implementing the activities is something that you still have to do yourself on the PVM.

    jPDL will be build on top of this. When ready, it will run also without external dependencies. Except if you want DB persistence, then the only dependencies are hibernate (and it's dependencies) and all the activities that you use might also have external dependencies (like e.g. a groovy script activity might depend on the groovy jars)

  6. Tom,

    congratulations with this important milestone!

    I'm looking forward to check all this shiny goodness out.

  7. Still the doc's are not good enough to see how Delegates get configured, which is one of the things I don't like jBpm. Hope this gets better in later releases.

  8. Pou,

    Can you be a bit more explicit ?
    Are you aware that the Process Virtual Machine is not a process language ?

    In the PVM, Activities are configured by their properties. You just create an activity implementation object, set the properties as you want and then use that configured activity implementation object in a process.

    In process languages this will be done throuh xml that will generate some bean wiring objects. That will be part of (and documented) in jPDL once that will get released.

  9. Hi Tom,
    This is Adeel from Pakistan. I have been working in the BPM domain for the past 2 years now using platforms like Savvion BusinessManager, webMethods BPMS, IBM WebSphere, Intalio BPMS, Process360 and some with jBPM.
    I have been involved with various open-source projects as well, but now I want to contribute my ideas based on experience from others platforms and of course code to the jBPM project. So how can I be a part of this project i.e. give suggestions and implement some components like a BAM may be?

    Adeel Javed

  10. Adeel,

    Good initiative. It's an exciting project and we would love your contribution.

    Please contact me through email myfirstname.mylastname at Or alternatively, post an item on the developers forum.

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  12. Hi Tom,

    I follow with a particular interest this project as well as NovaBonita where PVM package is shared.
    Could you provide a roadmap or at least an approximative date for the next major release ?
    Use of standard format like XPDL is a so-waited feature, even what is said about the lacks of this format.


    Good work !

  13. LudoO,

    I'm not sure what next release you are you referring to. But if you mean the PVM, it is planned that we graduate towards a GA release in the next couple of months. I don't know about NovaBonita.

  14. Thanks for fast answer :)
    Will be PVM package integrated inside a future version of jBPM (3.3 or 4.0) ?

    And last question : will jBPM eclipse editor "JBossTools/JBPM Tools" support all formats supported by PVM ?
    In my case, i talk about XPDL in particular because jPDL, BPEL and Pageflow have already their own eclipse editors.