Tuesday, 22 April 2008

jBPM Nominated For JAX Innovation Awards 2008

Cool! jBPM has been nominated for the JAX Innovation Awards 2008. The Award Ceremony will take place in the course of the JAX Conference on Wednesday, 23 April.

This got me worried about what we're going to do with the prize money *if* we happen to win it. It sparked the idea of a jBPM Event. We could spend the money on flying in people from the community over to our event.

We already selected Dublin as the place to be and probably June 6th as the date. Mark that date in your calendar ! Chances are good that it's going to happen anyway. So we feel like we've won already, regardless of the outcome :-) But still we hope that we win some prize money to bring lots of community people, partners and clients to our event to share experiences and have a good Guinness together.

Let's keep our fingers crossed...

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  1. Hi Tom,

    congrats! greenfire.dev.java.net was nominated as well. I thought about integrating jBPM for the "decision flow" - then we had a cross-nomination :-).
    Anyway - great product && good luck!,