Wednesday, 7 May 2008


It seems to be a very stubbern misunderstanding that I have tried to straighten out many times before. But for those that didn't get it yet, even John Evdemon, co-chair of the BPEL technical committee said already in 2007 that BPM != BPEL and now in the recent BPMN discussion he adds: If you can do something it doesn't mean that you should...



  1. Can't agree more. Unfortunately due to vendors pushing their BPEL engines as BPM. I have to explain this to each and every customer I'm working with on implementing BPM.

    It's good that more and more ppl tend to understand the differences.

    As a story to tell to your customers facing this issue, let them browse through history of BPEL article at wikipedia. There they can see how the perception of BPEL evolved in time.

  2. It's indeed good to see the general perception of this changing over time.

    Thanks for leaving a note.

    Regards, Tom.