Monday, 5 May 2008

Buzzwords In Pictures

Sometimes you can find good explanations of tech buzzwords in real life. So far, I found out what Ajax, SOA and backup really means.

If your HTML-over-HTTP-house is on fire, the Ajax hose comes to the rescue.

If your integration stinks like a sewage system, just put a SOA cover on it.

And a backup is even more vital then I ever imagined.

I'll translate for the non-dutch speaking: "Even mother nature provides a back-up" And in the round circle it says : "Test one month for free". Sign me up ! Sign me up !


  1. If we include mental pictures, then there are two interesting ones for us Dutch-speaking people: SOA being in Dutch what STD is in English and LOL meaning something like plain "fun" in English, which makes it rather fitting as well because LOL is invariably overused and the Dutch meaning is more likely what was meant.