Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Tuning jBPM In A Cluster

Szymon Zeslawski has posted a great TSS article: Scalability and Performance of jBPM Workflow Engine in a JBoss Cluster.

The verdict is that jBPM is a very efficient workflow engine, it only requires turning the right knobs in order to get the most out of it.

That is indeed the spot that we're working hard to resolve in jBPM 4: better tuning defaults and that way try to postpone the need for custom tuning when scaling out.

By adding 3 servers and tweaking jBPM configuration, we were able to increase the throughput over 16 times in comparison to 1 server environment with default setup.

Awsome !


  1. Tom, why don't you link the original article so your readers can jump to it quickly?

  2. Thanks, Alejandro. I must have been sleeping while posting this. The link is added now.

  3. Tom,

    When is the next release of jBPM v4 due out? We have a number of interesting requirements I would be interested in running past you.


  4. Shaun,

    jBPM 4 will go GA on July 1st.

    New requirements can be discussed on dev forum:

    regards, tom.

  5. I'm not cut out to be a programmer nor anything but I just I didn't know that turning the right knobs was the only way to resolve the problem with the jBPM.

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