Thursday, 9 April 2009

jBPM Case Studies

Check out these case studies showing how jBPM is used in various industries like government, telecom, health care, biotech and as OEM. Thanks to the contributing companies: Enernoc, Advent conferencing, Booz Allen Hamilton, Crix International, SK Telecom, Vivat, Lexicon Genetics, Nuxeo and DST Health Solutions.


  1. Tom,

    I have installed jbpm4 Beta1 and as you syggested i have added jbpm-*.jar from lib folder.

    I have issues with Eclipse. The exapmles project shows the process definition in eclipse and i am not able to see properties except properties in "General Tab".

    Am i missing any configuration

  2. GN, I don't think you're missing configuration. Probably the General Tab is still empty as also the designer is still beta.