Thursday, 13 August 2009

JBossWorld: 8 Chances To Learn More About jBPM

There's a big focus on jBPM at next month at JBossWorld. There's 8 talks related to jBPM. Cool!

jBPM Explained with Simple Use Cases
Tom Baeyens — Founder and Lead of JBoss jBPM (that's me :-)

Using JBoss Enterprise Middleware in NAVTEQ
Boris Lublinsky — Lead Architect, NAVTEQ

How to Combine Web, SOA and jBPM to Deliver a Flexible Case Management Platform for Public/Government e-Services
Jean-Marc Reymond — Team Leader for Java/SOA for Solutions Norway, Redpill Linpro

Using JBoss jBPM and JBoss ESB to build a high customizable multi-tenant platform
Frederico Melo — Senior Solution Architect, Ericsson

Competitive Advantage with Open Source Business Process Automation
Pierre Fricke — Director of Product Line Management, Red Hat

Business Agility with Process Centric Solutions
Jay Liu — Director of System Development, Clarks

A Collaborative Platform for the Pharmaceutical Industry using JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform and Alfresco
Alaaeldin El-Nattar — Principal Architect, Rivet Logic Corporation

Birds of a Feather: SOA, ESB, Rules, BPM, EDA
Kevin Conner, Tom Baeyens, Edson Tirelli, Burr Sutter

I'm looking forward to the event. If you want to meet up with me during JBossWorld, drop me an email.


  1. probably your safest bet is to check the JBossWorld site afterwards. if not there you can always ping me directly :-)

  2. I'd love to see the slides afterwards, too. Unfortunately I can't attend JBoss World. ;)