Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Devoxx Starts Strong, Lot Of Attention For jBPM

That's the interpreted translation of this article on ZDNet. Indeed Devoxx is a great place to be. For sure if you know that the JBoss booth is at the center and it has a beer tap and a soccer table :-)

And that attention will continue this afternoon. Our talk this afternoon is at 15:10. If you're at Devoxx (and you should!) then I hope to see you there. We even have a couple of limited-edition-jbpm-t-shirts to give away.


  1. Eh, Tom, on *this* side of the Atlantic Ocean we call it Football. The plain fact that in the US of A they plain their 'Football' mainly with their hands does not give them the right to call ours soccer and is hopefully not indicative of e.g. their intelligence or knowledge of world politics

  2. So you mean the correct english word is "footballtable"?

    Which native emglish speaker can shed some light on this? is it soccertable or footballtable or something else?

  3. unfortunately not.

  4. @Tom, that table, we would call a "foosball" table in the USofA.

    @Ronald- admittedly football is badly named, but it is the name that stuck. And then we had to come up with some other bad name for what you call football (soccer). I'm sure that sort of never happens in Europe :) At any rate, the naming thing is a product of tradition over here, not a lack of intelligence or world politics (and originally feet played a larger part in the game).