Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Top 10 Devoxx Talks On Parleys

Amazing! Just a week after Devoxx, the talks were already available online. So if you were not able to come in person to Devoxx (only allowed with a doctors note:-), or if like me, you have spend all your time talking to people instead of attending the sessions then you can see still attend all the talks now on Parleys beta for only 49 EUR. If you ask me that is peanuts for a lot of great content that is still up to date.

For the moment the most viewed Devoxx'09 talks are:

  1. Craftsmanship and Policy - Robert C. Martin
  2. The JavaPosse Live (First free talk)
  3. JDK7 Update and Java SE 7 - Mark Reinhold
  4. Enterprising JavaFX - Richard Bair & Jasper Potts
  5. Turning labors of love into day jobs - James Gosling
  6. Project Lombok - Roel Spilker & Reinier Zwitserloot
  7. Project Coin - Joseph D. Darcy
  8. jBPM4 in Action - Tom Baeyens & Joram Barrez
  9. Do we really know how to develop software?- Ivar Jacobson
  10. The Cambrian Cloud Computing Explosion - John M Willis
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  1. Only the fist few minutes are 'free' to view, then they popup windows asking to pay subscription fee to see the rest. If you don't pay, you don't get to watch.

  2. For the people who think 49Euro is too much, we'll release the talks for FREE at a rhythm of 2 per week starting from January onwards (similar like previous years)!

  3. Are there any plans of releasing DVDs, like you used to do in prior years?


  4. You can download the talks using the Parleys Desktop client ( making your own custom DVD on your hard disk :)