Monday, 29 March 2010

Alive And Kicking

You might have seen the Open letter to the jBPM community explaining that me and Joram step down from the jBPM project. We just want to let you know that we're alive and kicking. We're building a new BPM platform that's architected for new IT requirements. It will be Apache licensed and it will run BPMN 2.0 natively. Exciting times ahead!

That's all we can share at this point. Keep posted for more information.


  1. I don't know the details of this parting, but I do know that I'm going to support this new initiative. The guys who developed such a great product, have all credentials to develop an even better one. Started following your blog and looking forward for further news. ;)

  2. So, you're leaving jBPM to JBoss, where it will probably be merged with Drools Flow, and re-start the PVM design from scratch?

  3. Wish you both best of luck..Looking at jbpm code, i could learn better ways of coding apart from jbpm. Looking forward to new product.

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  5. +1 for JBPM support. Having already success stories with the JBPM runtime I have no reason on looking away - while at the same time the very same engine evolves!!

    Greetings from Greece!

  6. Hildeberto, Indi Movie,

    Thanks for the encouraging words!

    It's going to be big. The new license and the new environment in which we'll be working include very exciting opportunities and will allow us to move a lot faster and bigger.

  7. Michele,

    I have no clue about what JBoss will do with jBPM. You'll have to ask them.

  8. Paris,

    In our new initiative, we'll only target BPMN 2.0. For jPDL compatibility you'll have to look at JBoss and jBPM.

  9. Hello tom thanks for your comment.
    Maybe mine was a bit misleading.

    From my current experience JBPM 3 is already a success story and version 3.2.6. sp very stable to support large operations - like the one I am currently involved.

    I was very excited with the JBPM 4 initiative - since it would mark the move to pure BPMN 2 processes. So anyway we are safe I guess.JBPM 4 was still not fully deployed or used as much as JBPM 3.

    I strongly believe in your technology 'child' which will be JBPM (the name will not matter) and your team - so I am very optimistic about this new start - and that the original vision of JBPM 4 will continue even better to this new start!

    We will be waiting!!

    The JBPM community will always be a JBPM community....drools or something else is not JBPM ...

    my greetings again

  10. Paris,

    I hope I can make it to Athens one day to talk about the new project ;-)

  11. Tom, good luck with your venture. As you know, Red Hat/JBoss will continue to invest in and support jBPM and I'm sure the success stories we have with it will continue to roll in. We hope to announce a roadmap for the future in the next few weeks.

  12. Thanks. Does this mean that the jBPM 4 codebase will be further developed? I think that is the part where the readers of my blog are interested in.

  13. Beste Tom,
    Gefeliciteerd met going solo en succes met je nieuwe plannen.

    Ik zou graag direct met je in contact komen. Ik sta namelijk op het punt om jBPM te introduceren bij een grote financiele instelling en zou graag je beweegredenen willen weten waarom je deze stap neemt en tevens willen informeren of je in te huren bent.

  14. jdboer,


    You can get in touch through my linkedin account if you want.

    regards, tom.

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  16. I will certainly be following the news on this topic, and respect that you can't give much more information right now. I also agree with Hildeberto.

    Having said that, the current situation is rather difficult to deal with. If an organization wants to start using Open Source BPM, what should they do? Use the stable jBPM 3.2, start using jBPM 4.x even though you have left and its future is uncertain, or wait for the-new-Tom-Baeyens-thing?

    In the Netherlands, this issue is especially relevant for governmental bodies as there is a policy that they should prefer open source.

  17. Hi Tom

    Interesting with your new project. I have used jBPM for 3 years now as part of an enterprise architecture with great success, still using version 3.x. We met in Dublin/Guiness brewery for the jBPM meetup a couple of years back, it was great fun.

    Looking forward to follow your ventures into Apache BPMN 2 land.

    Jimi Rønberg

  18. Thanks, Jimi! Looking forward to our next Guinness together in Dublin ;-)

  19. Anyway, what to do for companies and people who already have started implementing their software with jbpm 4.0 and want to go live by autumn this year? recommendations greatly appreciated.

    lg mh

  20. Anonymous,

    I would advise you to ask JBoss for their plans with jBPM 4. They own that brand name.

    But The Process Virtual Machine design, developer friendliness and flexibility and much more are things that you'll also find in our new project.

  21. Please give us details about your project as soon as possible. We don't need code or anything, just an overview of what you are up to.
    We would like to know if we will be interested or not.

  22. Looking forward to hearing good news from you. Change is as good as a rest (Turkish prowerb). Don't let this kind of changes to disturb your mood. Wish you good luck.

  23. Tom,

    when do you expect to have something runnuable as far as the new apache project is concerned - please give at least a rough approximation as I'm currently looking into jbpm4 for a new project but would certainly would like this new project a try ;-)


  24. Tom,

    Our public launch is approaching rapidly. Keep informed on my blog. Looking forward to your feedback once you see it.