Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Next Level Integration Joins Activiti Team

We're proud to announce that Next Level Integration joins the Activiti team. Next Level Integration is a consultancy firm with expertise in B2B communications between utility companies in the energy sector.
Next Level Integration is the driving force behind the open source project B2B by Practice. B2B by Practice provides Integration capabilities for intercompany data exchange. It includes support for conformance processes related to the german electricity and gas regulations and order collaboration.

In that context of building solutions for utility companies they have a lot of experience with building massively scalable systems that have to cope with extremely high throughput. They will use Activiti as their BPM and orchestration engine in their B2B by Practice project.

In Activiti, they will focus on ensuring that massive scalability and they'll also focus on adding database pluggability plus support and continuous integration for a range of databases.

Christian and Stefan, welcome to the team! Looking forward to work with you.


  1. Thanks for the flowers!

    Our Development Team at Next Level Integration is already working with activiti. You can see activiti in action on June 17th in Cologne at our annual B2B by Practice users conference.

    We are proud that Tom is the Keynote Speaker. It's his first public speech about activiti.

    Everybody is welcome to participate and disucss activiti!

    Refer to this page for Details.

    Hope to see you! - Stefan Klose

  2. Thanks so much for the article, pretty useful data.