Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Activiti 5.0.alpha4 Released

We just released Activiti 5.0.alpha4. Joram published a very nice tutorial based on this release and also the following bullet item list:


  • MySQL support
  • Support for method expressions on sequence flow
  • Revised ActivityExecution API
  • Added ConcurrencyController API
  • Process Event Bus
  • Taskforms: added date and date picker support
  • Explorer: changed process definition drop down list to a separate page

New features

  • BPMN parallel gateway
  • BPMN manual task
  • BPMN (embedded) subprocess
  • BPMN call activity (subprocess)
  • BPMN Java service task
  • Spring integration (experimental, no docs yet)


  • Made engine compatible with BPMN 2.0 beta process models
  • Fixed exception on windows and linux when using boundary timer event
  • Expression cannot have whitespaces

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