Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What Do BPM Industry Experts Say About Activiti?

James Tayler had a first look at Activiti. It's a very accurate and well written overview of Alfresco's motivations and the direction of the Activiti project. He concludes:
I liked the potential of the collaboration environment to bridge the gaps when rules and process are both being used in a solution and I also liked the potential of applying content management to business rules. Interesting ideas both of them and I look forward to learning more.
This confirms what the BPM Analysts have said about us at the launch. Joram created a nice overview of the reactions:
  • Sandy Kemsley, renowned BPM analyst, wrotea an objective analysis of the Activiti platform. She is eager to see how Activiti will evolve. And we won’t dissapoint her.
  • BPM expert Scott Francis of BP3 wrote a very motivating blogpost. He actually downloaded the distribution and played with it. Let me quote him a few times here
  • “Did I mention that the whole stack ran just fine, natively, on my Mac as well as a Windows VM?”
  • “The documentation is already pretty comprehensive, and gets down to no-nonsense details (not true for many commercial products).”
  • “I think the market is ripe for an open source BPM platform that leverages standard underlying technologies and is built from the beginning to allow for cloud-based deployment”
  • “We may end up investing some time in the project ourselves.”

Activiti is likely to shake-up the BPM market with a ubiquitous project that supports the BPMN 2.0 standard from the Object Management Group.

business processes and work-flow are aspects of most business software and integratingembeddable BPM will be a key element in reducing the cost of business software development.

It's great fun to shake the BPM market ;-)

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