Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Coding While Asleep Can Be A Good Thing

With high hopes I started reading Sleepcoding's Activiti ‘Hello world’ on play!. Almost through the post and no mention of his impressions about Activiti. But then, at the end, my patience was finally rewarded:
I said all i can about play’s plugin system in the previous post, it is great. But since it was about initializing activiti i didn’t say anything about it. AFAICT, it is one of the few libraries/frameworks that delivers what it advertises. It is light-weight, fast and simple. They say a BPM engine should be working in every Java environment, and this ‘helloworld’ is one example. API is clean, well documented and easy to work with. As a developer who correlates BPM engines to application servers that cannot start in under a minute, i am really pleased with what i was able to achieve. Overall experience with activiti is simply great.
*That* is the fuel that keeps us open source developers going! Thanks, Mr Sleepcoder!


  1. We owe our ability code while asleep to open source developers. Since you keep things open, we are able to focus on our problems and not worry about an issue in tools. And since you keep things open, we also are able to help you on those issues and increase the quality just one bit. Thanks for your efforts on designing, implementing, documenting great software and most importantly keeping them alive!

  2. Erdem,

    Exactly, it's a win win. We create stable software faster cause of all the contributions. Even when our users just complain, then we can see the trends and learn where we need to fix things first.

    And thanks for the compliments! We need those to keep going as well ;-)

  3. Would be intrested to see if activiti has plans for jbpm4 migration.