Thursday, 20 October 2011

Activiti 5.8 Adds Asynchronous Continuations

Activiti is the Apache licensed BPMN process engine. We've just released version 5.8 which has following highlights:
  • Asynchronous continations (tech preview)
  • Added BPMN inclusive gateway
  • Improved Spring support
  • CDI integration improvements
  • Bug fixes
Get an opinion of your own! Go download and try it out.


  1. Whoever is interessted in CDI may want to have a look in the latest blog posts from us:

    Let us know what you think...


  2. Great contributions and good articles, Bernd! Well worth a read.

  3. This, from the information provided via website, can only be amazing.

    One critique, for non-programmers the setup is rather troublesome and could use a more intuitive approach; say for example a step-by-step video.

    Kind Regards,
    Team at ACCREU Inc.

  4. Hello Tom

    I m a regular follower on your blog

    Im a Java Developer and need some help from your end.

    I will really be grateful to you if you can provide some help.

    Do you have any idea about how I can initialize the task with ad hoc process.?

    or If you can help on below:

    jbpm 3 and 4 supported creating task dynamically as this link shows:

    Is the same thing possible with jbpm5.1.

    I tried hard to search for an example but I didn't get it.

    It will be great if anyone can give me an example with code.

    Waiting your reply, If you have any suggestion it will help a lot.

  5. Hello Tom,

    I am Babar Iftikhar - Product Manager SENSYS ( We have IntelliMAX [an industrial (plant)automation software] as a our flagship product. IntelliMAX (IMAX) hass a client / server architecture. IMAX client can be opened in a web browser anywhere (with nominal installation required). IMAX server has embedded tomcat (ver 5.5.23) as it's webserver. IMAX client has two consoles (IDE) the Design Time (DT) and the Rumtime. Engineers (users) can create mimics ,configure alarms controls, trends in DT and plant operators can use these mimics,control, trends in Rumtime (RT)to analyze data. We want to introduce workflows in the product. Engineers in DT can define various workflows and operators in Runtime can given their inpput at various states in the workflow until the terminal state is met.

  6. We have recently downloaded Activity 5.7, ran Activiti Explorer and used samples "Vacation request" etc. It matches are our reqs for a workflow Engine and UI. Is it possible to integrate Activti workflow with our product.

  7. endlutHi, I aam nuw to jBPM, would you recommend a book or reference more adequate to a BA or manager (non Java pro)?
    BTW is there a way to model a proces out of Eclipse and wenn done transfer the model o a programmer that must be loadedwith Eclipse?

  8. Activiti is a fine (as in finesse) piece of software.

    But I ma concerned the lack of continuity on the "monthly" release.

    Is Alfresco still supporting the tool?

  9. Hey Tom,

    The idea of adding a dynamic task at any point (it happens maybe 5% of the time in prod, but can happen and you don't want to build it in at design time) is what we need in the industry I am in. Here's an illustration as harsh indicated above

    Is this possible with activiti 5.9?