Friday, 7 October 2011

Energy Distributors In Germany Using Activiti

On October first, Next Level Integration upgraded their product which now includes Activiti for dealing with the business process. Already 50 German energy distribution companies are now using this in production.

This presentation (in German) introduces their product and shows how they leverage Activiti processes: Prozesse im Messwesen (pdf) This is another great example of how Activiti is embedded into a product for a vertical market making it a lot more flexible and powerful.


  1. Hi,
    the PDF is mentioning 30+ customers instead of 50.

  2. Anonymous, I think that means that 20 more companies signed up between the presentation and the blog post. I got that information straight from the Next Level Integration CEO couple of days ago.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up! Speaks for the product.

  4. Hi,
    do you have any more information about other successful Activiti implementation in large business (in EU or worldwide)? My company is interested in the product, but requires external references...

  5. i have one question."Energy Distributors In Germany Using Activiti" is customization of activiti framwork or only concept of activiti.if possible please send me link for demo.