Thursday, 1 March 2012

Activiti 5.9 Is A Big Leap Forward

We're proud to announce Activiti 5.9 is released with some major improvements:
  • Support for Exclusive Jobs and Plugability of the Job Executor Infrastructure
  • Persistent event subscriptions (infrastructure)
  • Intermediate signal throw / catch
  • Event based gateway
  • BPMN transaction (cancel end event & cancel boundary event)
  • BPMN compensation (compensation catch & compensation throw)
  • Interrupting error event subprocesses
  • (Multiple) message start events
  • Various bug fixes

Special thanks goes to Camunda, and Daniel Meyer in particular for the some great core engine feature contributions.

Go download and taste this grand cru release!


  1. I blogged about the BPMN 2.0 additions in more detail:

  2. That's fantastic!!! Thank you to all the guys who worked on the new features.

    What about the Eclipse Designer? Will it be updated to 5.9 in order to support the new features?

  3. > What about the Eclipse Designer? Will it be updated to 5.9 in order to support the new features?

    This was one of the first things that came to my mind too when reading this great news...


    58: update ACT_GE_BYTEARRAY set GENERATED_ = 0;

    update ACT_GE_BYTEARRAY set GENERATED_ = false;

  5. Good morning,

    I am a french student of the university of Poitiers and I am studing the BPM.
    If you have some time for me it would be perfect but I know that you are currently very busy.
    I am searching for some informations about the companies which use the Activiti BPM and it is for this reason that I write to you.
    If you have some more informations for me it would be perfect.

    Thank you for your response.

    Best regards,

    Paola KRUCH

  6. Hi There,

    I really appreciate your work on activiti , I am learning it as our bank ( cant tell the name) wants to use it as a lightweight BPM workflow engine.
    But we are really stuck at 1 point of decision , A situation like below

    We want to use activiti but only at very simple level of decision making (you can say 10 X 10 choices to make ) compared to other multipurpose & multi technologies decision flow.
    SO I am definitely sure that we wont be requiring the whole engine or the all files that come into picture of execution
    not even 20% of the engine...

    We are stuck at one point where only an SME like you can resolve it:
    Question is : Can we segregate the workflow engine into parts which we require and leave the rest (at installation or usage level) ?

    I wanted to see it in user guides , but i cant find it there , Like Apache Tomcat provides a detailed design of how tomcat works, what are valves,pipes , Is there a guide explaining same (altough reading it will take a lot more time)

    Can you tell me whether we can remove the other functionality and use only a single functionality which we want
    Because , we will be repeating decision making 175000000 transactions per day and we are really curious about performace , because , if activiti run's as a whole software loads everything and calls everything to be ready ( not much of a lazy loader , which we want)
    Then its better to have our on custom code developed to do the same (no harms ! b+ )

    I can call you and explain the situation if you can provide me ur contact
    But please , need your reply on this urgently (even if you have another BPM in mind , please suggest us)

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