Thursday, 30 September 2010

Activiti 5.0.beta2 Released

After a really exciting and productive month, we're proud to present Activiti 5.0.beta2:
  • Added Activiti Designer, an eclipse plugin for process authoring targetted for developers
    • Design BPMN processes grafically: start event, end event, sequence flow, parallel gateway, exclusive gateway, embedded subprocess, script task, user task and service task.
    • Generate JUnit test case by right click on the process in the package explorer
    • Run the JUnit test with an embedded h2 database
    • Configure Java class for a service task
    • Configure assignee or candidate for a user task
    • Configure script with a script task
  • Added DB support for MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Activiti Modeler and Activiti Engine are now synced on the final BPMN 2.0 specification
  • New improved version of Activiti Modeler
  • Loads of Activiti Cycle improvements
  • Added JDK 5 compatibility
  • Added history activity instances
  • Added unit testing support
  • Added email support and receive activity
  • Added optimistic locking for out-of-the-box clustering support
  • Added more query APIs
  • Minor API cleanup
Download Activiti 5.0.beta2 or browse the userguide or the javadocs.
Also interesting to check out is the Activiti Grails plugin.


  1. Congratulations, so you are getting one step closer to your first production-ready release.

    Are there going to be a party?

  2. Congratulations! Wow...! Happy to see that this release full of major updates.

    Well done as usual!